Any questions regarding the Rules of the Tournament or challenges concerning the eligibility of a
player should be addressed to the Adjudicating Committee at the Tournament Headquarters prior to the
beginning of the game.


In Town teams will check in Tuesday, January 15th & Wednesday, January 11th at Kino Sports Complex at 2500 E. Ajo Way from 4pm – 9pm.

Out-of Town teams will check in Friday, January 18th at Kino Sports Complex at 2500 E. Ajo Way from 12pm – 9pm.

It is your responsibility to make sure you provide us with your local phone number and hotel room number at check-in, in case we need to contact you for any reason.


Teams must arrive thirty (30) minutes prior to the scheduled start of
their game and report to the Field Marshal for check-in. Player cards and equipment will be
checked by Field Marshals prior to the start of each game. Game cards must be completed by both
teams at check-in. All players must have Medical Release forms and all players must wear shin
guards at check-in for their game. All rules are governed by the 2016/2017 FIFA Laws of the Game
(LOTG). A special marker will be attached to all player cards at TOURNAMENT check-in and if this tie is
removed, cut or destroyed in any way, your team will NOT be allowed to continue play in the
tournament and will be given a forfeit with a recorded score of 3-0 in favor of the opponent.


Eligible players are those whose names appear on the team’s roster at
tournament check-in, are registered through the state association, and have proper player passes
and medical release forms. Players may not play for more than one team in the tournament. The
team roster is frozen 30 minutes prior to that start of the teams first Tournament game.
Once a player is released from the Tournament to play another event, they may not continue to
play in the Tournament.


Loan players are defined as players not registered in the same club as the
participating team. Loan players must be registered with the same Association as the participating team.
Rosters are allowed three (3) loan players with proper documentation with the approval of the
Tournament Committee.


Roster size is as follows:

U8 4v4, 8 player max roster
U8-U10, 7v7 14 player max roster
U11-U12, 9v9 16 player max roster
U13-U19, 11v11 22* player max roster
*18 dressed out for games


All games shall be played in accordance with 2016/2017 FIFA
LOTG except as specifically modified by these rules. The Referee’s decision will be the final with
no protest accepted from the referee’s interpretation of the rules of the game.


The Referee’s decision will be final with no protests accepted stemming from
the Referee’s interpretation of the LOTG.


Home Team will be the team first named in the game schedule. In the event of
uniform conflict, the home team must change jerseys. The Home Team will supply the game ball
unless supplied by the Tournament. The Home Team will select the side from which they wish to
attack from. The Visitor Team will kick-off in the 1st half.


All players are required to wear shin guards under socks and approved soccer
cleats (no toe cleat). All players must wear numbered (minimum 6” on back of jersey) uniforms with
no duplicated numbers on a team. Player’s uniform numbers must coincide with the team roster.
Eyeglass restrains are required. NO jewelry may be worn in competition or metal hair accessories. NO
hard casts are permitted. Soft casts with a doctor’s release and approval from the referee or tournament
official may be accepted. Splints with proper wrapping and approval from the referee may be allowed.
Approved ball sizes are listed below, balls will be provided by the Tournament. In brackets that U8/U9
are combined a size 4 ball will be used.


Teams are guaranteed 3 game minimum.

U13-U19: Two 30 minute halves, Two 30 minute halves
U-12: Two 25 minute halves, Two 25 minute halves
U-11: Two 25 minute halves, Two 25 minute halves
U9-U10: Two 20 minute halves N/A
U-8: Two 20 minute halves N/A


Half-time breaks will be EXACTLY 5 minutes long.


There will be no overtime in games that end in a tie. If there is a tie in a
Championship or Semi-Final or Third Place Match, a champion will be determined by taking
penalty kicks according to the 2016/2017 FIFA LOTG.
A running clock will be used. During preliminary matches, time will not be extended
except for serious injury.

Age Group Ball Size:

U8, Size 3
U9-U12, Size 4
U13-U19, Size 5


Most U8 games will be played 4v4 with no goalkeeper. There will only be
one (1) referee and no assistant referees. There is no offside in these games (unless it is a very blatant
offense) and the opposing team has to be past the build out line when a team restarts with a goal kick.
No intentional heading of the ball is allowed. Referees will restart play with an IDFK on a heading
violation. All other rules conform to the LOTG.


U8/U9/U10 games will be played 7v7, including a goalkeeper will
have one (1) referee and two (2) assistant referees. Teams must have a minimum of 5 players to start
and play the game. The opposing team has to be past the build out line when any keeper delivery
occurs and on a goal kick restart. No intentional heading of the ball is allowed. Referees will restart
play with an IDFK on a heading violation. All other rules conform to the LOTG, including offside.

U11/U12 GAMES:

U11/U12 games will be played 9v9, including a goalkeeper, playing on age
appropriate fields. Teams must have a minimum of six (6) players to start and play the
game. No intentional heading of the ball is allowed on U11 games, but players on U12
games may head the ball. All other rules conform to the LOTG, including offside.


Substitutions are allowed with the Referee’s approval at the following times:
your throw-in, any goal kick, after a goal, on an injury and to substitute for a yellow-carded player.


Teams failing to report ready to play within 10 minutes of the scheduled kickoff
time will forfeit the game (3-0). If both teams fail to report on time, both teams will be assessed
losses. Any team forfeiting a game will be referred to their State Association.

RED CARDS: Players and/or coaches receiving a red card will be ejected from the game and will
not participate in the next scheduled game, as a minimum. The player/coach pass will be held at
Tournament Headquarters until the player/coach is eligible to play/coach again. In addition, Home
Leagues and State Associations may be advised of the offense.


WIN – Six (6) Points
TIE – Three (3) Points
LOSS – Zero (0) Points
GOALS – One (1) Point per goal max. Three (3)
SHUTOUT – One (1) Point
The team with the most points is the winner of the bracket. One point will be deducted for each redcard.


1. All coaches have total responsibility for the conduct of their players, bench, friends and spectators
at all times. If parents/spectators display misconduct, they may be asked
to leave the field. Maya – this format is jacked up.
2. No hard casts are allowed.
3. No jewelry allowed including taping of earrings.
4. No heading in age groups Under-11 and below is allowed. If, during the course of a match, an
intentional header is performed, play will be stopped and will resume with an IDFK for the
opposing team.
5. Both teams are responsible for cleaning the sidelines. A bag will be provided by the Field Marshal.
6. No alcoholic beverages are allowed.
7. In ALL GAMES under the jurisdiction of AYSA, both players and coaches will be on one side of the
field and all the parents/spectators on the other side. The coaches will decide which side will be the
“team” side and will notify the referee PRIOR to the game.
Spectators should be seated between the coaching box (an area approximately 10 yards to
each side of the center line) and the goal box and at least 2 yards from the side touch line NO ONE


Team Officials need to pick up player passes after each game from the Field Marshal Tent.


In flights where the teams advancing to playoffs are determined by points, a tie
will be broken in the following order:
1. Head to Head, winner advancing. If teams played to a draw or teams did not play or a 3-way tie
then go to the next breaker.
2. Goals Against with the team giving up the fewest goals advancing. No maximum per
game. If even then, go to next tie breaker.
3. Goals Score. The team scoring the most goals advances. A team is credited for each goal up to 3 per
game. So scoring 8 goals in a game only counts as 3 goals for that game in the tie breaker calculation.
In 3 games the maximum goals for would be 9 goals. If still tied, go to the next tie breaker.
4. Shutout Victories. The team with the most shutout victories will advance. A 0-0 tie does not count
as a victory shutout. If still tied, go to the next breaker.
5. Goal Differential. Goal Differential is goals scored less goals allowed. Each game has
a maximum of 3. A 6-1 victory is not different that a 4-1 victory in calculating goal
differential. In either case the winning team will get a +3 differential (as well as 3 goals towards the
goals scored tie breaker).


If there are 3 teams tied where there will be a coin toss among
the 3 teams with 3 coins, the toss will be repeated until there is an odd coin (i.e. 2 heads and 1 tail). The
team with the odd coin will receive a bye and the first spot shootout will be between the teams with the
matching coin. The winner then advancing to play the team with the bye. The loser dropping to last
among the tied teams. When there are 2 teams tied and both teams will advance to the playoff rounds
regardless of outcome (i.e. where both teams would advance to a semi-final because they tied for first
and the second play teams of the group advance to the semi-finals) there will be a coin toss to determine
the placement. When there are 2 teams tied and only 1 can advance there will be a Kicks from the
Mark shootout.


The coin toss will be done at the Fort Lowell Headquarters
Tent. Teams will be notified but DO NOT have to be present. They can be on the phone if they desire.
When there are 2 teams involved, the lower number team will be heads and the higher number will be
tails. So if teams 120 and 123 are tied, 120 will be heads and 123 will be tails. The Field Marshal,
Head Referee or designated Tournament Official will flip the coin in the absence of the teams. A
Tournament Official will oversee the coin toss. If there are 3 teams involved, tournament officials will
represent teams that are not present. The placements will be shown in the standings and schedule.